Jon & Jenn

Jon and Jenn; what a fun session this was! These two are so wonderfully at ease with each other it was such a delight to photograph them just being so beautifully in love as they anticipate the arrival of their first child! 

And it was super great to be able to do their session in a place that was so meaningful for them. They had their wedding portraits around the Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh's campus and we love that they have portraits in front of the tower as this next awesomely beautiful chapter of their lives unfolds! 

The anticipation of the arrival of your firstborn is truly something special and it is so clear that Jon and Jenn are full of joy to welcome their baby boy into their lives. Having a baby to care for certainly changes the tenor of the relationship and a lot of things are harder because you are pouring so much of yourselves individually and together as a couple into this tiny being. But getting to parent with your partner, your best friend and love enriches your life and your love in profound and beautiful ways and can strengthen your love for each other as you sacrifice and work for the good of this new person in your midst. You will never be the same, it's true. 

It was so easy to be with these two and so delightful to see them enjoy being together. We are so excited for these two to share their awesomeness with their newly born son, Justin.