What is a 'Rhythm Session?'


A rhythm session is our name for an in-home or lifestyle photo session. We feel like this word “rhythm” perfectly describes the images we want to capture- the rhythm of your home life, the ebb and flow of your days together, right now. And over the years that rhythm often will change, and thats what we love about this type of session. Capturing and remembering the different stages of life together, whether you are a couple or a family is so special, especially being able to do so over the course of many years and see the way things have changed, some things that have stayed the same, all the while seeing the connection shared between the people you love best in the world.

This beautiful family just recently moved from the house these pictures were taken in and we are so thankful they had this session! It would be special no matter what, but is such a treasure to have these images of them and their life in their first home for their three boys!

We love that these sessions are super relaxed, and we just get to be part of your family for a morning, or afternoon, or the whole day! If there is something particularly special to you, we want to capture that! Whether it is your morning cup of coffee together, bathtime with the kids, a candlelit prayer time, snuggling up on the couch to read books or Saturday morning waffles- these everyday moments are the threads that weave through the fabric of growing together.

These are real memories that you have from your childhood, there is something really beautiful in its authenticity of recalling what life was really like when you were small. Now that I am a parent, I can see how valuable these images would be- to have seen images like this of myself with my parents when I was little would be an absolute treasure. As the parents you are busy raising, loving, caring for these little people and so we don’t often stop to think about the value of this kind of session. It may even seem like, why would I do that- its just our regular day together?! But that is why we love these sessions and why we wish every family could have this kind of pictures! Exactly! It’s just your regular day together. And these days and days together of your regular stuff, the cooking meals and eating together, the breaking up sibling squabbles or the totally unsuspected moment of tenderness between siblings, the looking out the front window with your brother right beside you, these little moments, the habits and the rituals that you repeat day after day for years, these are the things that really shape us. Of course we love getting to capture the super special days like weddings, or when a new baby is born! That is the time when everyone thinks of getting pictures, they know it is special and that they will want to have the memories of that preserved.


But we want to argue in favor of the ordinary. The mundane, the slow, the real- the hard and beautiful and glorious, raw and honest to goodness love you share with your people day after day. This is where the magic is. The most vivid memories of my childhood include; cuddling on my parents bed with my brother to have the Sunday paper comics read to us, Saturday morning pancakes, sitting around the table for dinner together every night, running through the sprinkler in the summer, laying in the grass under the great big cottonwood in our backyard, imagining myself in magical worlds, and looking out our big bay windows at the rain and lightning stormy sky with my parents and brother. These memories are vivid but they are not one particular moment- rather they are the feeling I have from remembering the many times I did those things over many years. The ordinariness of it is what was so magical.

Watching my own children grow I can see this. I don’t know if they will remember these things, but we are documenting our days, the things I want to remember forever; the piles of books on our back porch that our five year old devours, the tap-tap-tap of toddler feet as our littlest chases her big brother. These regular, boring days are the magical moments in my life- watching her climb into his lap, asking him to read to her- my heart swells and I almost can’t believe this is really my life. Watching my kids faces light up when my husband walks in the door- how did I get so lucky to have these beautiful little souls, who, though they are so loud, they love so freely, forgive easily, laugh heartily, and just show me really, what life is about? I want to remember and I want them to be able to see what I saw, as they grew, the beauty that is them right now, our toddler and our big kid becoming best friends.


It is, I think about enjoying right now. Being alive to this present moment, when there’s nowhere I’d rather be but with my people, my loves, my family in our home- this is where our rhythm is, and it rocks us along, it comforts us when the world can seem so chaotic and harsh, it is our safe space, where we belong, it is shaped by each member of our family and it is beautifully rich with laughter, with love.