The Savisky Family

Let me introduce the beautiful Savisky family; Ashley, Michael and little Felix! They are such a fun bunch to be around and it was such a treat to photograph this sweet family that are our really good friends. It’s natural to feel at ease with them as they are comfortable and unapologetic with who they are. It is a humble honesty, an authenticity of spirit, and a genuine joy that they carry with them that is so inviting; making others want to stay and soak up some of the warmth that they so easily share.

Felix, at 18 months is such a sweetheart and will be a big brother soon! He kept saying “doooog” while we were walking around the park at all the dogs that were out and about. It was as adorable as it sounds. Ashley and Michael are amazing parents, devoted and caring and so thoughtful about the way they parent. They have a close and truly beautiful relationship with their son. I love watching the parents they are and am so excited for the little guy that is growing strong inside his Momma.

How quickly these babies become toddlers, then little boys and in an instant,  young men out on their own adventuring in this big world. And when I think of the men that Felix and his little brother will one day be, I am grateful and excited to know them.  And grateful that I get to grow into my own journey of parenthood alongside friends who care so much about the parents they are.

Not everyone thinks about the kind of parent they want to be, but the Saviskys stand out in this regard as they care deeply about the kind of parents they are. Ashley and Michael are amazing at guiding, loving and learning their son. I love the way they know their son, and want to know him. And their relationship with each other is so refreshing to see, and I think a large part of what makes them such great parents- genuine love and working hard at loving each other well.

Team Savisky- you are funny and fun, full of laughter and love. Thank you for sharing the afternoon with me and also being just truly awesome human beings!

“You become what you behold and your children are beholding you”.  - Andrew Kern