Laura & Kyle - waiting for baby

We are so excited to be sharing these beautiful maternity images of Laura and Kyle! You may remember their handsome and beautiful faces from a married couple session we did with them in the winter. They are such kind, adventurous souls and we are so excited for them to soon be parents and for their little one, who will be here any day now!

I remember when we drove home with our son from the birth center- several  hours after he was born and it all felt so unearthly. How can we have this baby? We left home just the two of us, we went home a family of three. When we got to our house we could not take our eyes off of him! I was so exhausted but exhilarated too. I so wanted to and probably needed sleep but didn't for a long time after we brought him home. We did not want to miss anything. Just watching him breathe, just watching him be. In love with every movement and every breath and especially those beautiful blinking eyes, opening for just a few minutes at a time. Seeing the form of this tiny human who had been hidden in my womb all those months, what began was impossibly small and now, this; a wriggling, crying warm body on my chest! Hands and eyelashes and fingernails- so immaculate, so so small, so fresh and new and beautifully made.  His cry, the sound of life and the warmth of his body on mine. Looking upon his face for the first time- it's really you, you are really here! It unraveled my heart all at once. His first day alive earthside is something I will never forget! 

The waiting...the nine months of slow growing and in one moment all will be changed, and your hearts will be fiercely ablaze with love for this little person. This small little human who will change you, teach you and make you want to be a better you. We cannot wait to celebrate with you, Kyle and Laura and meet your sweet baby!