Mary Eloise

Welcome Mary Eloise Grace-Abounding! This sweet little girl was born into a home so very full of joy and love. Beatrice, the most gentle child that we have ever met, is so delighted to be a big sister. I loved spending my morning getting to soak in the way that this family delights in each other. 


One of my favorite moments from the session was this moment where Beatrice wanted to bring this stuffed animal to Mary Eloise. What a beautiful way for Beatrice to show her love and care for her new sister by choosing this lamb especially for her! Beatrice loves to be helpful, and tell her baby sister about all of the things that are happening around them. This sweet moment is one of many moments to come where Beatrice leads her little sister with loving-kindness. 


Jessica and Matthew are such caring and devoted parents. It is so beautiful to see how intentional they are about the details of being a mom and a dad. From the great care they have christened both their babies with such thoughtful and meaningful names, to the way they model patient and gentle love for each other and for their daughters, Matthew and Jessica are bringing such beautiful love to the world and their legacy of faith apparent and deep in these two beautiful souls they are shaping.


It is no surprise that Beatrice truly is the most gentle and kind toddler on the planet. We are so very excited to see how Mary Eloise grows and learns from her big sister and her amazing parents! 


Megan & Drew

We had such a great time together taking pictures of Megan and Drew! Typically only one of us is out doing sessions at a time, but we super love getting to be out photographing together. Megan and Drew are artsy, amazing individuals and we love that together they are a powerhouse of creativity and lighthearted fun! They are currently working on a documentary about Native American Adoption. They have been working on it for several years and it is so inspiring to see how their relationship has grown through the work that they are doing together. This project has them traveling all over the country! Please visit their website for more information on this amazing endeavor. 

We love getting to work together and that by helping each other, challenging each other and pushing each other creatively we grow closer as a couple. We also really love getting to see the way other couples work together and grow in love because of the shared sacrifices they have made to bring something marvelous into being. It could be something big, like this documentary, or something small like the work of gardening in your backyard. It doesn't matter what it is, when couples work together, that work shapes their love in deep and obvious ways. 

What is the work that you are sharing? Maybe with your spouse, or your children or your friend. What work could you begin to share with the ones you love? No work is too small to be remembered; the simple preparing of a meal together, getting your kids ready for bed, or the baking of cookies, the helping with homework or the painting of a room, these are all small moments but can you imagine the joy of having photographs to recall that moment exactly? We want to photograph these fleeting, everyday moments that are the making of the lives you share. 

Enjoy this trailer for the documentary that Megan and Drew are working on together! 

Kyle & Laura

It was Sunday and it was Valentine’s Day… and it was also 14 degrees outside in Pittsburgh. But Kyle and Laura are spirited and adventurous- the perfect pair to be out in the cold, looking handsome and beautiful and so in love.

We love how marriage changes and deepens love, sustains love, and grows love. How this commitment, this covenantal relationship changes us. Spending your life together, constantly  getting to know the person your spouse is continually becoming. And it is amazing to be able to photograph couples at different parts of this lifelong journey. In the short time that Kyle and Laura have been married it is so clear that their marriage is strong, vibrant and flourishing and that they enjoy cultivating their marriage into something beautiful and lasting. They have a sincere and deep friendship that shines through in their easy laughter with each other and genuine joy in each other's company.

Kyle and Laura met at college through mutual friends. They began a small group with friends of theirs and from their own friendship and love of God their love for each other grew. Now they both work in the same school with young kids and volunteer with the kids at their church. It is so beautiful to see how they are deeply connected and of one heart and mind to pursue God and to love their neighbor and how they do so working together.

Kyle and Laura, you are such warm and genuine people, so clearly in love and so clearly committed to loving each other, loving God and loving others well. May your marriage continue to bloom bright and wild as you inspire adventure and authenticity in those you meet! 

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.”   -Tom Robbins

The Savisky Family

Let me introduce the beautiful Savisky family; Ashley, Michael and little Felix! They are such a fun bunch to be around and it was such a treat to photograph this sweet family that are our really good friends. It’s natural to feel at ease with them as they are comfortable and unapologetic with who they are. It is a humble honesty, an authenticity of spirit, and a genuine joy that they carry with them that is so inviting; making others want to stay and soak up some of the warmth that they so easily share.

Felix, at 18 months is such a sweetheart and will be a big brother soon! He kept saying “doooog” while we were walking around the park at all the dogs that were out and about. It was as adorable as it sounds. Ashley and Michael are amazing parents, devoted and caring and so thoughtful about the way they parent. They have a close and truly beautiful relationship with their son. I love watching the parents they are and am so excited for the little guy that is growing strong inside his Momma.

How quickly these babies become toddlers, then little boys and in an instant,  young men out on their own adventuring in this big world. And when I think of the men that Felix and his little brother will one day be, I am grateful and excited to know them.  And grateful that I get to grow into my own journey of parenthood alongside friends who care so much about the parents they are.

Not everyone thinks about the kind of parent they want to be, but the Saviskys stand out in this regard as they care deeply about the kind of parents they are. Ashley and Michael are amazing at guiding, loving and learning their son. I love the way they know their son, and want to know him. And their relationship with each other is so refreshing to see, and I think a large part of what makes them such great parents- genuine love and working hard at loving each other well.

Team Savisky- you are funny and fun, full of laughter and love. Thank you for sharing the afternoon with me and also being just truly awesome human beings!

“You become what you behold and your children are beholding you”.  - Andrew Kern