Kyle & Laura

It was Sunday and it was Valentine’s Day… and it was also 14 degrees outside in Pittsburgh. But Kyle and Laura are spirited and adventurous- the perfect pair to be out in the cold, looking handsome and beautiful and so in love.

We love how marriage changes and deepens love, sustains love, and grows love. How this commitment, this covenantal relationship changes us. Spending your life together, constantly  getting to know the person your spouse is continually becoming. And it is amazing to be able to photograph couples at different parts of this lifelong journey. In the short time that Kyle and Laura have been married it is so clear that their marriage is strong, vibrant and flourishing and that they enjoy cultivating their marriage into something beautiful and lasting. They have a sincere and deep friendship that shines through in their easy laughter with each other and genuine joy in each other's company.

Kyle and Laura met at college through mutual friends. They began a small group with friends of theirs and from their own friendship and love of God their love for each other grew. Now they both work in the same school with young kids and volunteer with the kids at their church. It is so beautiful to see how they are deeply connected and of one heart and mind to pursue God and to love their neighbor and how they do so working together.

Kyle and Laura, you are such warm and genuine people, so clearly in love and so clearly committed to loving each other, loving God and loving others well. May your marriage continue to bloom bright and wild as you inspire adventure and authenticity in those you meet! 

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.”   -Tom Robbins