Baby Daniel

We are so beyond delighted to be sharing these images of baby Daniel with you! We have had the privilege to do a married couple session as well as a maternity session with Kyle and Laura.  So getting to take pictures of them with their first baby as they begin this awesome, challenging, beautiful adventure of parenthood is basically a dream come true for us! 

Daniel is such a sweet soul! What an incredible little guy! At two weeks new he was so very alert for our session. We only got a few images of him snuggly and sleepy and the rest of the time he was alert and attentive. It was amazing to me watching his deep beautiful eyes following my movements while the shutter clicked, turning his face as I moved, so interested in what was going on! 

Kyle and Laura, you two were made to be the parents of this sweet little boy! It will be hard and I'm sure there have already been many days where you feel so at the end of yourself, with not enough sleep and not enough patience and not enough time to just be the two of you. Your whole world is about your sweet baby at the moment. So much work goes into caring for his well being, especially so in these early days. Be gracious with yourselves as you learn how to step into this new, disarming, weighty and highly honored position of parents to your sweet boy.  Laura, you are a warrior Mama and brought this little boy earthside and I pray that when things feel overwhelming you will remember the strength you did not know that was in you that was summoned on the day of his birth. 

I love the way you two speak to Daniel with so much tenderness and with your genuine voices. I love the way you both were looking at him with awe and endearment and the way you looked at each other. It is truly amazing to see how the birth of a child changes the love of a couple in remarkable ways, deepening and enriching the love that was already there as you have become a family of three!  

Mary Eloise

Welcome Mary Eloise Grace-Abounding! This sweet little girl was born into a home so very full of joy and love. Beatrice, the most gentle child that we have ever met, is so delighted to be a big sister. I loved spending my morning getting to soak in the way that this family delights in each other. 


One of my favorite moments from the session was this moment where Beatrice wanted to bring this stuffed animal to Mary Eloise. What a beautiful way for Beatrice to show her love and care for her new sister by choosing this lamb especially for her! Beatrice loves to be helpful, and tell her baby sister about all of the things that are happening around them. This sweet moment is one of many moments to come where Beatrice leads her little sister with loving-kindness. 


Jessica and Matthew are such caring and devoted parents. It is so beautiful to see how intentional they are about the details of being a mom and a dad. From the great care they have christened both their babies with such thoughtful and meaningful names, to the way they model patient and gentle love for each other and for their daughters, Matthew and Jessica are bringing such beautiful love to the world and their legacy of faith apparent and deep in these two beautiful souls they are shaping.


It is no surprise that Beatrice truly is the most gentle and kind toddler on the planet. We are so very excited to see how Mary Eloise grows and learns from her big sister and her amazing parents!