Since today is throw back Thursday, and things have been slow and quiet over here, I wanted to share something briefly. A little over 2 years ago, when we first decided that we were definitely going to make we are the Richards a real thing, and our sweet son was only a few months old, and we were still living in our first apartment, we made some limeade. 

Julia and I really love working together in the kitchen. It's a place where our marriage really shines. Today, we have been married for 1356 days. That's 3 years, 8 months, and 17 days. Thank you Google. 

Every day there are moments that are worth remembering. Worth cherishing. Worth telling stories about. Perhaps this story of "we made limeade and sat in our living room watching our 4 month old son be adorable" isn't the most thrilling story. But the point is that it's the true story of our life. So here are some #tbt photos of us from that day 2 years ago.